François R. Whyte

Film Director & Photographer

François’ career started in 2009 in Paris, France when he was hired as an assistant director at France 24, France’s international news channel. His job was to be the on set liaison to the director. After less than a year, he got promoted and joined the control room team, working closely with the director and the producer as the image banks coordinator during live broadcasts. He took on other responsibilities throughout the years, including directing a few live shows himself.

After five years at France 24 and occasional work in a similar capacity for Bein Sports and the Jules Verne Film Festival, followed by a gap year that saw him travel to many countries (including a three months trip cycling from Miami to Montréal!), François landed in Melbourne, Australia to take on new challenges.

There he founded the Ozzywood collective with fellow director Chris Kang. Ozzywood’s goal was to gather professional film creatives looking to perfect their craft. At its peak, Ozzywood had more than 20 members who produced more than 50 short films in just under two years.

In Melbourne, François was also given the opportunity to take on his other passion, photography. He launched a successful business as a freelancer. Some of his clients include Dropbox, the Accor group, the Rialto and many other household names of the Australian market.

François was also among the photographers that launched the Snappr platform when it was still a small Sydney startup. He’s still today a proud member of the Snappr team and has seen it grow into a major international player now based in San Francisco. On the platform, he holds a rating of 4.9 out of 5, based on more than 400 reviews.

Today, François still works as a freelance photographer and has now directed about a dozen short films. He’s currently writing the script for his first feature film.


360 Photography / Virtual Tour (Kuula)
Video Editing (Premiere, DaVinci)
Graphic Design


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